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Where did the time go?! The International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley 2015 was an amazing joy ride of dance energy. The dancers put their hearts into learning new choreography and creating new dances. Three performances: the Festival Preview Salsa, the Choreo-cubator© Showcase, and the crowning glory of the Festival Concert. Seven Master Classes on the Full Day of Dance© and intensive workshops through the week in Choreography, Classical Chinese, Contemporary, Dunham, and Salsa. Every day was packed with discoveries, beauty, experiences to treasure.IMG_0655IMG_0614

Pix: Audreyanne Covarrubias, Artist/Master Tapper teaching; Lucy Gubbins, Brooke Rankins, Myu Campbell, Shilpa Torvi, Aarohi Torvi; participants & audience Choreo Showcase; Polish Folk Circle with Master Teacher Christina Smolen, Julie Van Gelder, Nandini Surendranathan, Etta Walton; Julie Van Gelder, Nandini Surendranathan, Etta Walton practice the tap flap step; Artist/Teacher Etta Walton prepares for her Line Dance class.



Mountain View Voice Features Festival Photos

Dance Festival Composite photoThe Mountain View Voice newspaper ran a fantastic photo feature of the Festival on Friday, Aug. 23. Here’s the link to it:  http://mv-voice.com/news/2013/08/21/a-whirlwind-week-of-dance  It truly was a “whirlwind week of dance,” and the Festival Concert today at 3 p.m. will top it off in great style. We had previews of the Polish Folk Dance and the Tap Dance that will appear in today’s concert because Christina Smolen and Audreyanne Delgago-Covarrubias both drew on the dances they will perform for material in their classes. Absolutely thrilling!

International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley Opens Tomorrow

After spending 51 weeks thinking about it, planning for it, making phone calls, sending emails, staying awake wondering what to do next, the second season of the International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley begins tomorrow morning. I can’t believe it. I’ve spent so much time trying to get the word out about the Festival, now I wonder what it will be like to be in the first class at 10:30 tomorrow morning. I see ahead to the Festival Concert and realize that we have just Monday-Friday to teach two dances to the Festival Dancers AND to have them ready to perform. Take a deep breath. Here we go.Dance Festival Composite photo