Flying leslie Left SmallDon’t miss the great deals for Early Bird registration. The deadline is June 30. There are meaningful discounts available for all the IDV@SV workshops and classes. Take all five classes in Full Day of Dance© for only $60. You cannot beat that. Take the Monday-Friday Contemporary Technique & Repertory class AND have the opportunity to perform; sign up early and save $30. You could use that $30 for the Physical Comedy workshop. Physical Comedy offers half price for a second student: $30 for  one person and only $15 for a companion. This offer will continue through the summer. How can  you pass it up? Megan says you will learn slaps and falls! Has anyone else offered to teach you slaps and falls at such a low price? I seriously doubt it! Register now; just scroll down a little to find the reg form. You can copy it and email it to livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net  So much dance, beauty and fun awaits you!!! but the Early Bird won’t wait.


Flying leslie Left SmallIt’s time! Register for the best summer dance experience at the International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley. Send in the following information by email to livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net or by US Mail to The Lively Foundation/550 Mountain View Avenue/Mountain View, CA 94041-1941   You may also copy and print the form here. Make your check out to The Lively Foundation. Early Bird prices good through June 30.

International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley, August 6-14, 2016

Name (please check Mr or Ms)__________________________________________________________

Home Address___________________________________________________________________________

Festival Address (if home is out of area)__________________________________________________

Phone#s (home)____________________________(cell)_________________________________________


Emergency contact__________________________________________________________



I, (your name)______________________________________________________register & pay in full for:

_______Physical Comedy Wkshp_________Contemp.Tech&Rep___________Choreo-Cubator©

If you take the Contemporary Wkshop you may perform in the Festival Concert or choose not to perform. If you take Choreo-Cubator© you may perform in the Showcase or choose not to.

Full Day of Dance©______Pilates mat_______Contemporary_____Tap______Lines_______Arg. Tango

__________All Five Classes

For prices & schedules please see previous post. Early Bird prices good through June 30






International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley-5th Anniversary!

th EARLY BIRD prices are available now through June 30 for the performances, workshops & classes of IDF@SV 2016. Be the Early Bird! Have  exciting, unique dance experiences and enjoy the early bird registration. Here are the schedules & prices as of this date. Full Day of Dance© offers five fabulous OPEN MASTER classes taught by greatly admired professional dancers who also love to teach. MIXED LEVELS. Professionals to beginners welcome. Take any number of classes, the price per class reduces with each added class. Argentine Tango is 90 minutes; all others one hour.

SCHEDULE SUMMARY: Full Day of Dance©: Aug. 6, 10-11 a.m., Tap; 11-Noon, Contemporary; Noon-12:30 Lunch Break; 12:30-1:30 Pilates mat; 1:30-2:30, Etta’s Lines; 3:30- 5:00 p.m. Argentine Tango NOTE: FREE! FARMERS’ MARKET TREATS, 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Physical Comedy Workshop: Aug. 7, 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Contemporary(Mon-Fri) Tech & Rep Intensive: Aug. 8-12, MWF 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m., TTH 9:30-12:30. Participants perform the rep the rep they learn in the Festival Concert.
Choreo-Cubator©: Aug. 2, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12; 6-7:15 p.m. Showcase Aug. 12 (Note: dances in Choreo-Cubator© and Contemporary are not required to perform.)
Festival Concert: Aug. 14, 5:00-6:30 p.m.

EARLY BIRD Prices good through June 30: Full Day of Dance©: $20/single class – $60 all five (Pilates mat, Contemp, Tap, Line Dances, Tango)


M2F© Tech & Rep workshop: $150

MIveyClownPhysical Comedy: $30 for one; $45 for two together

Rachana_1Choreo-Cubator©: $105 (all dance styles welcome; create your own work)

Audreyanne Delgado-Covarrubias FESTIVAL CONCERT: $20 general; $12 over 65 & under 10; group tickets prices available

TO REGISTER: see post above this one for registration form; contact livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net with questions; send payments to The Lively Foundation, 550 Mountain View Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94041-1941


ARGENTINE TANGO Workshop at International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley

JonathanOliviaMore great news about IDF@SV, 2016. Jonathan y Olivia, internationally renowned Tango artists will teach an Argentine Tango workshop on the Full Day of Dance©, 3:30-5:00 p.m., August 6.

JonOliviaColor Jonathan Yamauchi has been an acclaimed dancer for 25 years, specializing in Argentine Tango since 2000. He studied with Carlos Gavito in Buenas Aires for 3 1/2 years until Gavito’s death. In the Bay Area, he worked with Gavito’s partner, Marcela Duran. Olivia Levitt performed classical ballet with the New York Theater Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet Theatre, and the Oakland Ballet. Together they are particularly noted for the Apilado style, an expressive, intimate and sensuous style of Argentine Tango.

Why not you? If you already dance the tango, give yourself the thrill of dancing with Jonathan y Olivia. If tango is new to you, these artists are dedicated teachers who will have you fall in love with the delicate movements and intensity of Argentine tango.

Celebrate the Festival’s Fifth Anniversary with great new workshops, classes taught by beloved Festival artist/teachers, OPPORTUNITIES TO PERFORM. FULL DAY OF DANCE© AUG. 6TH, PHYSICAL COMEDY WORKSHOP, AUG. 7, CHOREO-CUBATOR©, and M2F (MONDAY TO FRIDAY REPERTORY WORKSHOP, AUG. 8-12. Registration information available on the Livelyblog and contact The Lively Foundation, 650/969-4110.

IDF@SV 2016: Great Workshops & Performances!

MeganIThe Lively Foundation announces exciting new events for the International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley, 2016. Physical Comedy Workshop with Megan Ivey takes place August 7, 2:00-4:00 p.m. Ms Ivey trained in Physical Comedy & Clowning at the Ringling Brothers academy. She has performed in previous Festival Concerts tap dancing with Tapper Extraodinaire, Audreyanne Covarrubias.  This will be her first Physical Comedy workshop in this area. It is suitable for any age adult and younger people age 10 and older. MIveyClownNormally a $100 value, the workshop will be $30 per person with a special price of $15 for accompanying family members or partners. Early registration recommended!  To register, contact livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net

Choreo-cubator© Showcase: Creative Adventures

Join us February 28, 6 p.m. for the Choreo-cubator© Showcase. Three participants in the choreography workshop will perform their new work. Exchange ideas with the choreographers. Explore their creative journeys with them. At the Mountain View Masonic Center, 890 Church St., Mountain View, CA 94041. Admission is free; donation appreciated to help us continue to offer opportunities to artists to develop their work and themselves. Refreshments are free. A congenial and fascinating experience awaits you. Just after the last class of the Full Day of Dance©. Here is Rachana Reddy, a lovely dancer of the Kuchipudi tradition of Indian classical dance. She is using traditional movements in new choreography. Wonderful. Rachana_1


CLASS SCHEDULE for WWW.2.0: Feb. 28!

HERE IT IS: Your key to a day of dance. This is the class schedule & price list for the Winter Full Day of Dance. It’s coming soon!!! Register now for a wonderful dancing experience. Share the news with your dancer friends and with the friends who think they can’t dance! Everyone has a great time from pros to beginners. REMEMBER: price per class reduces with each added class.

SCHEDULE:  Doors open at 11 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 28

TAP, 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.; PILATES MAT, 12:45-1:45; CONTEMPORARY, 2:00-3:00; LINE DANCING, 3:15-4:15; IMPROVISATION, 4:30-5:30.


Single class, $20; two classes, $32; three classes, $42; four classes, $48; five classes, $50

SPECIAL OFFER: Attend the Choreo-cubator@ Showcase performance for FREE and watch the new works. Your ticket to the Showcase is your receipt for Winter Full Day classes. Enjoy the dances and the FREE refreshments!



Time to register for Choreo-cubator© and Winter Full Day of Dance©. It’s simple: send an email to livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net, let us know what programs you want to do, Choreo-cubator©, the Winter Full Day of Dance©, BOTH of them or one. Give us your name, email address, phone #, the name and contact information of someone we would contact if we cannot reach you or if there is an emergency. For Winter Full Day of Dance© also let us know which classes you want to take. Here’s a hint: it is only $10 per class if you take all five. An exceptional deal!!!!! Take all five: more fun, more dance, less money. Check out the listing below for more details of the classes. PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOU WANT TO DO THE CHOREO-CUBATOR© BUT THINK YOU WILL MISS THE FIRST SESSION, YOU CAN STILL ATTEND. DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

Wonderful Winter Workshop: WWW. 2.0 Begins Soon!

Join the dance! The second Wonderful Winter Workshop (www.2.0) offers you opportunities to dance. Learn something new, dance styles that you love, make your own dance. Shake El Nino out of your spine and remember that dance can be fun! There are TWO parts to www.2.0; participate in one or both. Bring your dancer buddies and friends who never dance. It’s time to dance!

Audreyanne Delgado-CovarrubiasBeingACat

The Choreo-cubator© Invites You to Make a Dance & Dance It!                      Polish a work in progress or start something new. Then, perform it. ALL styles welcome. Explore. Experiment. Exchange supportive feedback with other explorers. There are four working sessions: 6-7:15 p.m., Feb. 4, Feb. 11, Feb. 23, Feb. 25. Your Showcase performance is 6:-7:15 p.m., Feb. 28. All working sessions & the Showcase performance will be at the Mountain View Masonic Center, 890 Church Street, downtown Mountain View. Fee includes working sessions and performance: $60.00.

Etta Walton

Winter Full Day of Dance©                                                     Sunday, Feb. 28, five wonderful classes. The first one starts at 11:30 a.m. The last one ends at 5:30 p.m. Take one, all, or any number in between. There is a 15 minute break between each class. Classes include: Contemporary, Leslie Friedman; Tap, Audreyanne Covarrubias; Pilates mat, Amity Johnson; Etta’s Line Dances, Etta Walton; Improvisation, Leslie Friedman. All classes are mixed levels. That means they all will welcome pros & beginners. Ages mid-teens to any adult age. Location: Mountain View Masonic Center, 890 Church Street, downtown Mountain View, 94041. Cost per class reduces with each added class: $20 for a single class – $50 for all five.  


The Choreo-cubator© and Winter Full Day of Dance© are parts of the Wonderful Winter Workshop, www.2.0, presented by the International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley, a project of the not-for-profit organization, The Lively Foundation. FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO REGISTER: CONTACT livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net    Photos: top, L to Rt: Audreyanne Covarrubias will teach Tap, 2/28; Leslie Friedman (L) and Amity Johnson work on a new dance, IDF@SV; middle: Etta Walton will teach Etta’s Line Dances set to great Country/Western music; bottom: Amity Johnson will teach Pilates mat.

Indian Dance: Timeless Traditions at Triton Museum, Santa Clara, California


IndianFlyer  Sangam Arts and the Cultural Commission of the City of Santa Clara are presenting a program of five types of classical Indian dance at the Triton Museum, 1505 Warburton, 7:30 p.m., January 8, 2016. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the beauty and variety of Indian cultures as embodied in the dances. If you have seen or studied Kathak, for example, here is your opportunity to enjoy Kuchipudi. Already know about Bharatanatyam? Come watch Manipuri! Admission is FREE to see outstanding exponents of these powerful and beautiful dances. The artists and their arts are Antara Bhardwaj, Kathak; Chandreyee Mukherjee, Manipuri; Guru Shradha, Odissi; Madhuri Kishore School, Kuchipudi; Navia Dance Academy, Bharatanatyam. Contact timelesstraditions.eventbrite.com to reserve your tickets. These tickets will go quickly; reserve soon. Congratulations to Sangam Arts for organizing this production. It is a great introduction to Indian classical dances and also an opportunity for those who study or perform one of the art forms to expand their appreciation of other forms.