Welcome to the Lively Foundation

The Lively Foundation is dedicated to presenting the best in artistic and educational projects in dance, music, and related arts. Based in San Francisco since 1984 and on tour throughout the US and the world.

San Francisco’s internationally celebrated dancer, Leslie Friedman, is our Artistic Director. “She’s simply a joy to watch!” cheered The Times, London. Please see the Legacy website for a short video of Leslie dancing. Link is below.

World class performers, premieres of choreography & music by internationally acclaimed artists, visual art exhibitions, THE HEDGEHOG, the international arts review. Watch our website to keep up with our exciting, visionary programming. The Legacy website below includes concert photos.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved in our work:

  • Fully tax-deductible donations help us develop artistic projects and continue our programs for school children. Send a check made out to The Lively Foundation to The Lively Foundation/550 Mountain View Ave/Mountain View, CA 94041. OR use PayPal Donate button below. Please be aware that PayPal will subtract 2.2% + 30cents of each donation (example: $50 gift becomes a $48.60 donation; $100 gift becomes $97.50)  You might consider adding the amount taken by PayPal to your donation. Lively GREATLY appreciates donations in any amount.
  • VOLUNTEERS are always welcome! For behind the scenes work and “front of the house”   efforts at concerts. Help spread the news about Lively’s great programs.

Legacy website