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Guittard Chocolate, Thank you!

GuittardSmallGuittard Chocolate, thank you! Hats off to the makers of the most marvelous chocolate. The Guittard Company benefits our community not only by making the great chocolate, but also by helping The Lively Foundation. In 2013 and 2014, Guittard donated both a 10 lb. block of the finest chocolate and a giant box filled with gift bags of delectable chocolate morsels and mints to our auction at the Meet Us at Ming’s luncheon. Funds raised at our New Year’s lunch go to support our educational programs for Bay Area school children. It is so appropriate that Guittard is involved. Its founder, Etienne Guittard, came to California from France during the Gold Rush. He thought he would trade chocolate for mining tools but quickly learned which object had the greater and more lasting value. Named for its founder, Guittard is one of only 4 ( or is it only 3?) companies which are still operating in the San Francisco area since that time. The Guittard family’s success, now in its 5th generation, has brought happiness to us all! When The Lively Foundation asks friends to support our supporters, it is a very easy thing to do! Eat more Guittard Chocolate! Support The Lively Foundation! Picture: L to R, Leslie Friedman, Lively’s Artistic Director and Eva Marshment, Guittard’s Executive Secretary, at Guittard headquarters

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year!


logoIt’s the Year of the Horse. Come celebrate with Lively friends at the Meet Us at Ming’s luncheon/banquet. It will be an amazing event. The food, veg and non-veg, is so delicious. The attendees are all good looking, intelligent, and witty–just like you! It is difficult to make a seating arrangement. Everyone is interesting. However, they may also be calculating how to win the auction items of their choice. Guittard Chocolate is one of the great prizes in the silent auction. It’s so appropriate that the Guittard Chocolate Co. is part of this event with their generous donation. Guittard is one of very few businesses started in the Gold Rush which is still around and successful ¬†today. Since the Ming’s event is meant to support our educational programs, like The Gold Rush! This is a perfect match. It is very easy to fall in love with Guittard. After picking up the 10 lb block of chocolate and another box of chocolate treats, my car smelled like heaven. Come to Ming’s Feb.1st, tomorrow, at noon. Support the Lively Foundation. Supporting a supporter of our programs like Guittard Chocolate is a pleasure. Indulge in the best chocolate and know that by doing it you help education in your community! Wow! Lively wants you to be happy.SanMateo GR kids3¬†2013 Pictures: Students in San Mateo with Leslie Friedman; Jeanne Watson, L. Friedman, Godfrey Watson; Vicky Kwoh ChingIMG_0115IMG_0065