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LIVELY LIGHTS! Celebrate The Festival of Lights, Dec. 8, 2013

Put down that turkey leg! Stop checking that list! The Lively Foundation invites you to relax and enjoy the reasons for the season. The Festival of Lights presents songs, dances, and theater/storytelling that honor many of the holidays that come at the end of the calendar year, from Diwali to Lunar New Year. Special guest artists include elves, ribbon dancers, Jonathan Clark, acclaimed bass-baritone, Leslie Friedman internationally celebrated dancer/choreographer. Stop looking for parking and let your little light shine. The Festival of Lights will renew your personal energy source. “Inspiring, beautiful, fun, and funny,” cheered reviewer F.L. Isaacson. A favorite holiday treat for 15 years in San Francisco, The Festival of Lights now brightens the holidays in Mountain View. Complimentary refreshments. Appropriate for all ages. Accessible venue. Non-religious. Tickets: $12 general admission; $10 over 65 or under 10 years of age. For tickets:

Mail a check to The Lively Foundation, 550 Mountain View Ave., Mountain View, CA 94041-1941 OR go to the website http://www.livelyfoundation.org  choose the Donate page; on the right of that page you will see the paypal logo. You can buy tickets through paypay using your credit card. Please be sure to (1) identify it as a donation so that we do not have to deduct paypal fees and (2) let us know through livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net that you have bought tickets online. Thanks!!Lively Foundation Artistic Director Leslie Friedman