Gold Rush! in Santa Clara & San Mateo, CA

The Lively Foundation presented The Gold Rush! at Westwood School, Santa Clara, March 15, and College Park School, San Mateo, March 8. Our presentation has narration made from letters written in the mining fields, music that was popular in the era, dances, and projections of archival photographs & engravings. It’s entertaining and painlessly educational. A longer version, for the general public, had its premiere as part of San Francisco’s official celebration of the Gold Rush’s 150th anniversary, 1999, in the Veterans’ Building, SF Civic Center. ¬†At College Park school we performed for the whole school, about 300 students plus parents and teachers, and at Westwood, we performed for the 4th & 5th grades, about 100 students. Here are some pictures with audience members, after the shows.SanMateo GR kids3IMG_0041IMG_0044IMG_0045