Ming’s Banquet: Huge Success

Today’s Lively luncheon/banquet at Ming’s Restaurant, Palo Alto, was a huge success. Vicky Kwoh Ching, the brilliant and beautiful owner of Ming’s, not only planned the menu but also attended the lunch. She demonstrated the Chinese characters for words significant in the dishes chosen for their importance for good luck in the New Year. Everyone was fascinated by her presentation. The food was exquisite. A lobster dish with disc shaped pasta was especially amazing. It was presented in a way that made it look like a dragon floating on the sea. The silent auction brought wonderful gifts to the bidders and generous donations to Lively. Thank you to all who supported us by donating items to the auction. Kiehl’s finest lotions and potions, Stanford Shopping Center & the world; Guittard Chocolate; Rigolo Cafe, San Francisco, and others. We could not have this great event without Ming’s itself. Support Lively supporters! logo logo Rigolo_LOGO2