Flying leslie Left SmallDon’t miss the great deals for Early Bird registration. The deadline is June 30. There are meaningful discounts available for all the IDV@SV workshops and classes. Take all five classes in Full Day of Dance© for only $60. You cannot beat that. Take the Monday-Friday Contemporary Technique & Repertory class AND have the opportunity to perform; sign up early and save $30. You could use that $30 for the Physical Comedy workshop. Physical Comedy offers half price for a second student: $30 for  one person and only $15 for a companion. This offer will continue through the summer. How can  you pass it up? Megan says you will learn slaps and falls! Has anyone else offered to teach you slaps and falls at such a low price? I seriously doubt it! Register now; just scroll down a little to find the reg form. You can copy it and email it to livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net  So much dance, beauty and fun awaits you!!! but the Early Bird won’t wait.