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International Dance Festival@Silicon Valley, Registration Links

Leslie 5Lively Foundation Artistic Director Leslie FriedmanRegister now for your special dance experience, Summer, 2014. Don’t wait. Early registrants get lower, Early Bird prices and assurance that they can get in the classes before they are filled. Deadline for Early Bird prices for both the M2F workshops© and the classes of Full Day of Dance© is June 30. Deadline for scholarship application is also June 30. From July 1 on, applicants pay regular price. Registrants after Aug.4 are welcome, pay a slightly higher rate. Walk-ins welcome for Full Day of Dance©. Here are three links for your registration: Registration Form, Additional Information, Scholarship Application.





International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley: Register Now!

Amity JohnsonRegistration for IDF-SV, 2014, is open. This post offers a brief summary of costs for the Festival which runs from August 11 to August 17, 2014, at the Mountain View Masonic Center, Mountain View, CA 94041. Please watch this blog for further news and details. Please contact The Lively Foundation, livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net, for more information and questions. Monday-Friday workshops: Early Bird Fee is $280. Registration after July 1st is $325. M-F workshops include Leslie Arbogast teaching Dunham Dance, tech & repertory; Leslie Friedman teaching Contemporary Dance, tech & repertory; Leanne Rinelli teaching Salsa, tech & repertory. Dancers taking the M-F workshops may perform in the Festival Concert, Aug. 17, on the same program with the artist teachers. They will also be offered opportunities to create their own work.

Registration for Full Day of Dance© also offers Early Bird discounts. Single class $30/$25–all 6 classes $84/$72. Cost per class reduces with each added class. Master Teachers/classes include: Amity Johnson, Pilates mat; Audreyanne Delgado-Covarrubias, Tap; Etta Walton, Electric Lines; Leslie Arbogast, Dunham Dance; Leanne Rinelli, Salsa; Sohini Ray, Manipuri classical Indian dance. The Open Master Classes welcome dancers of all levels and encourage dancers to try something new. An advanced Tap Dancer will enjoy trying Manipuri even though he or she will be a beginner in that class. An accomplished Salsa dancer can try Dunham Dance and experience something wonderful in movement and rhythm which is entirely new to him or SohiniRayPortraither. Beginners and professionals: all are welcome and all have a great time at Full Day of Dance©.

(You might wonder why the copyright sign after the title Full Day of Dance©. It’s because even though it has only had two seasons, it was such a great idea that it has already been copied by another company and Festival. Accept no substitutes!! Come to the original; you will remember why you love to dance.LeanneSmallLeslie 5pictures: top, Amity Johnson; mid,Sohini Ray; L-R: Leanne Rinelli, Leslie Arbogast.

International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley Wins Praise


Dancers who have participated in IDF-SV continue to praise their great experiences. Vanessa Nudd danced in Full Day of Dance© in the first season and came back to do the Mon-Fri workshops, in 2013. She wrote these comments to Leslie Friedman, director and founder of the Festival. Leslie taught Tech, Rep, and Comp/Improv, 2013.


“You are an inspiring teacher– I learned a HUGE amount in our time together. Thanks so much for putting on this amazing event each year and inspiring new ( or dormant ) dancers to get off their butts!”


Vanessa has already signed up for the Festival. If you are a dancer who wants to dance, this is the Festival for you. Stretch your technique, try something new, perform for a real audience in a professional, public concert. Contact The Lively Foundation today. livelyfoundation@sbcglobal.net


pictures: Vanessa Nudd working on her site specific improv project, IDF-SV, 2013.


Festival Dancers Praise the International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley

VillageDanceSmallDancers from the first two Festival seasons have written to praise the Festival and their experiences. Here’s a quote from Chelsea Zawadski, dancer from Boston:

I will never forget my experience at the festival. I got to meet so many friendly and talented people during the festival throughout a week packed of full of dance classes, rehearsals, and performing. It was an experience I gained so much from and will never forget!

Best wishes for all you do in 2014! Chelsea”

Come to IDF-SV, III, this summer and have a great dancing experience like Chelsea’s.

Picture: Village Dances, Part I, Festival Concert, 2012. Chelsea is the dancer on the left.


AshleyWhitlockSmallHere is Ashley Whitlock, the manager of Starbucks on Castro St., in Mountain View. Please stand and cheer for Ms Whitlock! She donated coffee, cream, cups, sugars (and non-sugars), napkins, stir sticks to The Lively Foundation for the International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley in 2012 and 2013, and for the Festival of Lights, Dec. 2013. Ms Whitlock is a musician in addition to be a manager. She says she loves to help Lively help the arts. Support our supporters! It will be such a pleasure to do: visit Starbucks on Castro, enjoy a latte, a bear claw, a sandwich, and join us in giving thanks for Ashley Whitlock. The dancers at IDF-SV and our audience in Dec. benefitted from her generosity and Starbucks coffee.

International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley: FESTIVAL ARTISTS

LeanneSmallInternational Dance Festival-Silicon Valley offers an amazing array of dance artists who will perform and teach in Season III, August 11-17, 2014, at the Masonic Center, Mountain View, CA. Mon-Fri Workshop artists include Leslie Arbogast (San Diego,CA/East St. Louis, IL) teaching Katherine Dunham; Leanne Rinelli (Buffalo, NY) teaching Salsa; Leslie Friedman (San Francisco) teaching Contemporary. Each workshop, open to interm-adv. dancers, will teach technique and repertory which dancers may perform in the Festival Concert, Sun., Aug., 17. Full Day of Dance©, Aug. 16, open master classes for all–adv. dancers and non-dancers–offers Pilates mat taught by Amity Johnson, Tap taught by Audreyanne Covarrubias, Salsa taught by L. Rinelli, Dunham taught by L. Arbogast, Contemporary taught by L.Friedman, Electric Lines taught by Etta Walton, Manipuri taught by Dr. Sohini Ray. ALL OF THE TEACHING ARTISTS plus the FESTIVAL DANCERS will perform in the FESTIVAL CONCERT. Don’t miss these wonderful opportunities. For dancers: learn more, stretch your technique, acquire new skills, work with world-renown artists, meet other dancers. For dance lovers: take a class, try something new, get to know dance artists. For the whole community: learn more about dance, expand your appreciation of dance arts. Let the Festival begin! For registration information, watch this blog. Scholarships available.SohiniRayPortrait0823121207b-1Etta WaltonSmallLively Foundation Artistic Director Leslie FriedmanheadshotAudreyanne Delgado-CovarrubiasAmity Johnsonpictures: top: Leanne Rinelli, L to R, top to bottom: Sohini Ray, Leanne Rinelli teaching at Festival 2012, Etta Walton, Leslie Friedman, Leslie Arbogast, Audreyanne Covarrubias, Amity Johnson.

Manipuri Dance in International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley, 2014

The Lively Foundation is proud to announce that Dr. Sohini Ray will teach Manipuri dance in the International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley, Season 3. Dr. Ray is internationally recognized as a leading dancer/teacher/performer of Manipuri, one of the classical dance forms of India. Dr. Ray is a Lecturer at Santa Monica College, in southern California. She performs and teaches in India and in the US and received many awards for her accomplishments in Manipuri dance. She will teach an open master class as part of the Full Day of Dance©, Saturday, August 16, and also perform in the Festival Concert, in Mountain View, on August 17. Manipuri dance originates in the far northeast of India, in the Himalayas. Dr. Ray says that there, “dance is an integral part of life” and that “Manipuri is one of the few dance forms of India where the temple tradition is still alive.” Manipuri is rarely seen or taught in the US. IDF-SV is thrilled to offer this great experience to all dancers and all who are interested in dance. Follow this Livelyblog to get more information about Dr. Ray and all theSohiniRayPortrait extraordinary artists who will offer their training to Festival dancers this summer. Picture of Dr. Sohini Ray.

SALSA at The International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley!!!

0823121207b-1LeanneRinelliIt’s going to be a hot summer at The International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley! The Lively Foundation is thrilled to announce that LEANNE RINELLI, the hugely popular dancer/choreographer who taught in our first season, is returning to teach Salsa dancing this summer. Leanne will teach during the Mon-Friday workshop and offer an open master class as part of the Full Day of Dance©. She will teach her M-F workshop class a dance to perform in the Festival Concert. Dancers in her workshop will learn the exciting varieties of footwork in Salsa. The dance they learn will be a Salsa circle dance. The rhythm! The music! Can’t sit still thinking of it. The International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley, Season 3, will be August 11-17, 2014, in Mountain View, CA. Intermediate – Advanced dancers, age 18 and older, are invited to participate in the Monday-Friday workshop which includes classes in Dunham dancing, taught by Leslie Arbogast; Salsa, taught by Leanne Rinelli; and Contemporary plus Improv/Composition, taught by Leslie Friedman. Dancers in the M-F workshops may dance in the Festival Concert on the program with acclaimed professionals, including their teaching artists. The Full Day of Dance© on Saturday, Aug. 16, will include classes in Pilates, Tap, Contemporary, Dunham, Salsa, Manipuri Dance, and Etta Walton’s Electric Slide & other lines. Don’t miss this Festival! It is a unique and powerful resource for dancers who want to tune their technique and learn more about dancing. picture: Leanne Rinelli teaching, IDF-SV, 2012, and in performance. See more pictures of the Festival artists at facebook/The Lively Foundation and Facebook/International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley.

Dunham Dance Technique at the International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley

Wonderful news! Leslie Arbogast, an internationally recognized expert at teaching and performing Dunham dance will be a lead teacher at this summer’s Festival. She will teach Dunham technique and repertory to participants in the M-F workshops, teach an open master class at the Full Day of Dance© and also perform in the Festival Concert. We are thrilled to have her and Dunham dance as part of the Festival. “Dunham Technique is a fusion of Ballet, Modern, and cultural dances associated with the African Diaspora, created by dancer, choreographer, anthropologist, and humanitarian Katherine Dunham.  Considered a “way of life”, Dunham Technique is not only dance, but also a theoretical and philosophical model that may be applied to all aspects of a dancer’s life,” wrote Ms Arbogast. Ms Arbogast studied in East St. Louis with master Dunham dancers and performed internationally. She has been a guest instructor of Dunham, Afro-Haitian, and Samba in Muscat, Oman, and Serra Grande, Brazil. She taught Dunham technique at the City Studio Dance Center, Dance Anthropology at the St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center, and Dance Therapy for those recovering from mental illness at the Independence Center, in St. Louis, for 8 years. She now lives and dances in San Diego where she is pursuing a graduate certificate in Native American Studies. We are thrilled to have her join in the Festival! Don’t miss this opportunity; the International Dance Festival-Silicon Valley, 8/11-17, Mountain View, CA.Leslie 5headshot


Etta Walton Lights Up The Festival of Lights

Great News! Etta Walton will lead the audience in a dance as part of The Festival of Lights. You are not required to participate, but Etta’s energy is contagious. You will find it hard to sit still. No special training needed; just a sense of fun. She might teach the Electric Slide; she might choose something else. Whatever it is it will be fun to do. The Lively Foundation likes its audiences to feel they’ve done something special by attending our concerts. Get up and join the fun! The Festival of Lights will renew your own personal energy source. Get your tickets now!Etta WaltonSmall